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Walker Link - Rear Sway Bar shock  - Most Models now in stock


New Mount Guards for Turbo-S RZR. Requires a small amount of Labor/Grinding of the inner plastic of the guard. Must order option with bracket See pictures. 


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No matter if you are running stock shocks or our Velocity Series shocks we can improve your driving experience with a set of “Walker Links”.  These units replace the standard rear sway bar link and provide a smoother initial ride over rough and uneven terrain regardless of vehicle speed while still providing a confident feeling while cornering. With 1.5 inches of dampened action per side your rear shocks will be able to act independently until a point where the Walker Link has collapsed enough to now act like a rigid link under heavy loads and when cornering.  You get the best of both worlds with these links, a more independent shock action at the initial stroke and a solid support under heavy loads, turning and when leaning on the sway bar.  You can also tune your ride by installing one or both of these links depending on your driving style and terrain.

Anodize blue tone may vary. 

Sold in sets of 2 shocks.


Part# 400-00-002 is RZR1000 and RZR1000 Turbo , Turbo S 1000 Turbo is Part# 400-00-004, Can-Am X3 RS is Part# 400-00-003. Xp-Pro 400-00-007