We've been around the off road industry for a long time and have the knowledge, equipment, technology and staff to make quality performance products.
To design and manufacture quality, performance, race-proven products that can used for aftermarket applications.
The very same product we produce is the very same product used on numerous race winning vehicles.


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Statement From Polaris On The Agreement To Purchase Walker Evans Enterprises


Polaris has signed an agreement with Walker Evans Enterprises to purchase the Walker Evans Racing brand and operating assets. Since 2000, Walker Evans Enterprises has been a Polaris supplier and provides shocks for the Company's off-road vehicles and snowmobiles.


Polaris will integrate the Walker Evans business into its Off Road business, processes and systems. Randy Anderson will join Polaris to help support a seamless transition of the business and continue to drive innovation through the Walker Evans portfolio of products.

Courtesy of Polaris Statement from Polaris on the Agreement to Purchase Walker Evans Enterprises | Polaris





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